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Check out our Multiple Champions and see the best score from our current top 20 players in a Modern Era All-Time League Table.

Multiple Champions

Joe Graham
5-time champion with a best score of 5,455 plus 4-time runner-up, two-time end of season game winner and one poker ‘World Cup’

Stephen Brown
4-time champion with a best score of 4,123

James Brown
2-time champion with a best score of 4,050 plus one end of season game win.

Annual Titles

By Date

By Player

Joe Graham

James Johnstone

Sean Russell

Modern Era All-Time League Table Top 20 Best Individual Scores
 Position Season Players Total
1 Four Joe Graham 5,455
2 One Sean Russell 4,543
3 Three Paul Ward 4,438
4 Seven Stephen Brown 4,123
5 Five James Brown 4,050
6 Six Andy Howie 3,760
7 Eight Colin Burkinshaw 3,675
8 Four Ross Tait 3,628
9 Two Davie Watt 3,494
10 Five Mark Haggerty 3,335
11 Nine Simon Doran 3,298
12 Eight Andy Judson 3,147
13 Nine John Comrie 3,008
14 Eight Willie Cowan 2,828
15 Eight John Tibbert 2,810
16 Six Dale Meikle 2,803
17 One Marie Falconer 2,756
18 Eight Louise Wilkie 2,715
19 Two John Chalmers 2,649
20 One Kenny Fletcher 2,612
Classic Era: The Old Inn Wednesday Poker League
Season 1st 2nd
1 Stephen Brown
2 Joe Graham Stuart Robertson
3 Mark Haggerty
4 Davie Watt Joe Graham
5 Stephen Brown
6 Joe Graham
7 Stephen Brown Joe Graham
Modern Era: The Old Inn Wednesday Poker League
Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1 Sean Russell Davie Watt Marie Falconer Kenny Fletcher Joe Graham
2 James Brown Davie Watt Paul Ward Joe Graham Sean Russell
3 Paul Ward Joe Graham Ross Tait James Brown John Chalmers
4 Joe Graham Ross Tait Paul Ward Stephen Brown Ralph Laidlaw
5 James Brown Paul Ward Mark Haggerty Stephen Brown Joe Graham
6 Joe Graham Andy Howie Mark Haggerty Dale Meikle James Brown
7 Stephen Brown Joe Graham James Brown Mark Haggerty Paul Ward
8 Colin Burkinshaw Andy Judson Willie Cowan John Tibbert Joe Graham
 9 Joe Graham Simon Doran James Brown Ross Tait John Comrie
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